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Drifting is not the easiest sport to practice photography but for those who have mastered the art then it becomes not only a career but a hobby. Today we look into some of the best photo works of SBO Photography, an avid photographer from Norway specializing in motorsports and more precisely in drifting. His work is exemplary and for those who follow drifting championships closely, then SBO is not new to you. To be honest, its hard to choose his best photos, you end up taking them all!

This photoset features various drifting championships, you will also notice some of the cars are consistent; an extensive use of the S-chassis cars among other popular drift cars.  I got the chance to speak to SBO a few months ago in regard to the cars that are mostly fielded. I was more concerned with the Nissan Silvia S15 as its my favorite. Most of them are fitted with V8 engines mainly the GM LS series. SBO explained to me that V8 is popular because of its affordability and cheap cost to gain more hp and good torque.


He went on to say that straight six with turbo (BMW or Toyota Supra 1/2JZ) often costs more to tune up. You can buy a ready made Corvette LS engine with 400-500hp for a good price. Silvia usually has a small 4 cylinder engine that isn’t very good for drifting due to enormous costs of tuning it. Torque is quite important too, and a V8 will usually have more of it then engines with cylinders. The S15 usually needs a engine swap to get more than 400hp. Straight 6 from BMW or Supra is the most common choice. Usually a drifter in Pro has around 600-1000 hp.

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As for the championships, SBO attends over 15 events in an year. They include Drift Allstars which is located mainly in Northern Europe (England, Scandinavia, Poland, Latvia and such) and King of Europe which covers Spain, Hungary, Slovakia and such. Some of the best drifters are in Drift Allstars while the richest teams are in King of Europe. King of Europe has a category for women which is called Queen of Europe.

Drifting  (25)

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